Friday, July 20, 2007


This blog is dedicated to the progress tracking of my thesis for semester 2, 2007 at University of Sydney, the project consists of the development of a software which uses input from a laser line generator and a camera to generate a virtual 3d representation of the object being scanned, capturing both the model's shape and texture.
The equipment used shall be fairly cheaply obtained common hardware that can be obtained easily at hardware and electronic stores.

A laser range scanner uses a laser and a camera to triangulate a point on a surface of an object. By using a line of laser, you can increase the number of points you can measure from a single image. Furthermore, by rotating a scanner or an object, you could obtain full 360 measurement. However, this usually requires a motor controlled mechanism to keep track of the rotation (of the scanner or an object). This project will exploit the various computer vision to achieve the same rotation mechanism without any precision hardware tracking devices. Furthermore, this project will investigate a progressive texture mapping method in order to capture the texture image of the object, during the 3D measurement.